Women's Health / Family Planning


At Wheelers Hill Clinic, we recognise the spectrum of health issues and psychological adjustments

 throughout the life of a woman that require

sensitivity and specific knowledge

Beginning with adolescence through pregnancies, childbirth, child rearing, then the changes of menopause, and beyond into older age; all bring their unique challenges.


This is a special and important area in which our doctors are well qualified and have special knowledge. Our doctors provide advice for the teenagers; advice on family planning, fertility in particular; comprehensive advice on contraception including implants and gynaecology.


We are strong advocates for regular pap smears and breast examinations for all our women. Screening for diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis are all important components of a woman's health care. Counselling on management of the menopause and hormone replacement therapy is also encouraged.


The psychological aspects of women’s health are especially important. We understand how identifying difficulties in this area early, and offering support, understanding and specialised expertise will be of great benefit to a woman’s happiness and well-being over life.



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