Benefits of sending injured workers

to Wheelers Hill Clinic

By using Wheelers Hill Clinic for your injured workers:


  • You will know what is happening to your employee at all times because of the open communication with you, the employee and our doctors.

  • We begin to build your employee’s confidence as soon as we meet.

  • Open communication, when we negotiate suitable duties with the appropriate person at the workplace, in the presence of the injured worker, increases your employee’s confidence further.

  • There is a rapid return to work following injury, and expectation of recovery is established from the first visit.

  • Your employee will receive high standards of medical care and treatment, assisting in building their sense of well-being.

  • Services on-site include physiotherapy by therapists who work closely with the doctors to ensure a tailored regime is employed to aid in your worker’s recovery, where required.

  • Negotiation of suitable duties will be achieved, through communication with your nominated representative at the work site.


Make Wheelers Hill Clinic the clinic of choice for treatment of injured workers


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